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Who we are

We are an experienced team with a strong heritage in the development and implementation of innovative linear motor solutions.  You may view our company registration information and our website terms and conditions.

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What we do

We specialise in the design-to-manufacture of bespoke high-power linear synchronous machines and associated control systems.  For many applications, particularly in the mining and transportation sectors, our patented propulsion technology enables heavy-duty systems to be more:

  • Reliable - the propulsion force is transferred magnetically rather than through a mechanical interface and so there is less wear-and-tear

  • Robust - the windings are bonded within the stator core using an epoxy resin and can also be hermetically sealed if required

  • Efficient - better efficiency is often achieved at a system level since gearboxes, chains, cranks, etc. are not required

  • Safe - full autonomous control is possible and passive, fail-safe magnetic braking eliminates the risk of run-away if there is a power failure

  • Cost-effective - the capital cost may be relatively high but it is typically outweighed by many system-level benefits and lower operating costs

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Our Vision

To elevate innovation through the efficient movement of people, goods and machinery within large systems that have a positive long-term impact on society and the environment.

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