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Other Applications

Our core capability is to design the best-suited linear or tubular motor to whatever your specific application requirements may be.  So, if you can see potential for linear motor technology to improve, enable or perhaps even revolutionise your particular system, please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss it with you.  Some potential applications are listed below:

Tubular actuators

A variation on our flat linear motor technology is a tubular electromagnetic actuator.  This type of device can be used to directly apply a high force over a finite stroke distance. There are many advantages over traditional screw-drive linear electric actuators. For example, the rated force can be applied independently of the mover's position and there is no risk of jamming

Ropeless elevators

In deep-level mines or tall buildings, a ropeless elevator system overcomes the depth limitation due to the weight of the cable itself. Also, it is possible to have many conveyances occupy the same shaft and, with a network of dedicated up and down shafts, the transport capacity can be dramatically increased. With the inherent passive braking effort of linear synchronous motors, a very high level of safety can be achieved

Wave energy converters

A diverse range of mechanical systems have been developed in recent years to harness energy from ocean waves in the form of a reciprocating mechanical movement. Most of these systems currently drive hydraulic pumps that ultimately power a traditional rotating electrical generator. However, using our linear motor technology in reverse (as a linear generator) can directly and more efficiently convert the reciprocating movement into electrical energy, without requiring problematic and maintenance-intensive hydraulic systems.

Sliding gates

Linear motors can be used to open and close large industrial sliding gates at higher speeds and with much lower wear and tear than conventional drives.

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