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People Transport

The World's cities are growing and there is a huge push for more environmentally-friendly infrastructure across the board. People do not want to drive large polluting cars but rather want to ride bicycles and use more efficient mass transport systems. Particularly in the developing economies, where there is currently no alternative to road, one can immediately see the benefit of having a high-capacity intracity mass transit system. As the linear motor propelled vehicles contain no engine or fuel, they are relatively lightweight and with advanced composite materials, the weight of the vehicles can be even further reduced. This results in a system with a small footprint that can be run alongside (or above) existing roadways.

The current subway and metro systems use a concept conceived more than 200 years ago with long, heavy trains going from point A to B.  Linear motors, however, enable a new light rail mass transport solution that breaks away from this, with smaller pods, individually controlled, moving at different speeds resulting in an efficientsustainable, and reliable solution.  Also, importantly, a linear synchronous motor mass transit system can be as safe, if not safer, than traditional rail transport.

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